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Training Programs

We have several training programs that aim to educate, inform, and help you acquire the skills you need to be successful at your business or in the position of employment that you hold. Explore the different categories we have below. 

  • Tuition for Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria 

  • Innovation Enterprise Institute 

  • Cooperative Development 

  • Soft Skills Training 

We are accredited tuition center for the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria. From 2005 to date, we have prepare hundreds of candidates who successfully passed their exams. Majority of them have qualified as certified Microfinance Professionals while others have attained the prestigious ranking of Intermediate banker of Chartered Banker. Are you interested in the Microfinance Certification Program (MCP) Courses, join us for the April 2024 diet as classes start 1st December 2023.  For the MCP tuition application form download here. 

Happy College Student
Mechanic in Garage

Innovation Enterprise Institute

We are accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education Gombe State to deliver certificate programs. Successful students are awarded a National Innovation Certificate (NIC). We currently offer five (5) certificate courses (see more). We are working on our accreditation with the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) to deliver Diploma courses. 

Cooperative Development

In year 2012 we came to the conclusion that the next frontier for financial inclusion was "cooperatives". We conducted a research to understand cooperatives and decided that our contribution to the development of the cooperative movement in Nigeria was to provide technical support capacity building, computerization, product development and development of standard operating procedures. We currently work with several cooperatives.

CMD Meeting with Group
Business Meeting

Soft Skills Training

Our work on capacity building for management spans two decades. We offer training programs over a wide variety of themes. We have classes designed to help you acquire the skills, knowledge and attitude required to be a successful manager.  See more here.

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