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MCP I - The Evolution Management and Regulations of Microfinancing


NGN 18,000


32 Lecture hours


About the Course

Module I is the foundation course that sets the tone for a manager of a microfinance institution to understand microfinance and the role of managers of microfinance banks and institutions. It covers teh history, evolution and objectives o microfinanceing. The manager gets an overview of features of microfinancing and learns about the laws and regulatory frameworks surrounding microfinance in Nigeria. The place of financial education and financial inclusion in microfinance is covered. Canddiates get to learn about how to manage human resources of their institutions. The meaning, concept and process of strategic planning and the developement of "developing a business strategy" are covered. Cricital success factors in "creating excellence in operations" of a microfinance bank as well crical success factors for effective management of a microfinance bank and institution bring this course to a close.

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