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Savings and Credit Cooperative

Center for Microenterprise Development is supporting the emergence of savings & Loans cooperatives (SACCOs) that are equipped to reach their full potential and deliver financial services to the last mile participant. The Center for Microenterprise Cooperative currently has several products for its members. These include a savings, access to loans, access to inputs, asset finance, access to markets and grains storage using hermetic cocoon. 

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Assets Finance

You have a unique opportunity to acquire your assets with ease if you are in Gombe, Adamawa or Yobe States. You can pay for them over a period of six months in equal installments. To get the loan, you need to become one of our cooperative members and also have an FCMB account. Our branches are open 5 days a week, you can call 0808 589 8667 or send email to

Access to Farm Inputs 

We provide agricultural producers with access to inputs inclusive of seeds, organic and inorganic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Members can buy on loan or cash purchase subject to meeting the terms and conditions. 

Group representative loading fertilizer
African lady selling vegetables and tomatoes in a local market swiping a customer's credit


Our members benefit from access to savings and loans through the cooperative. Members are encouraged to cultivate the habit of regular savings. Our members who participate in target savings can get different benefits. Read more. 

Business Loans

In partnership with our partner, we are able to offer our Savings and Credit Cooperative (SACCO) members a loan of up to five hundred thousand naira for business. Read more!

Scene of a businessman hand over credit cards to another person over the business strategy
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