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Programs For Empowerment Of Rural Women In Nigeria


Crochet class

Our vocational classes are delivered free to the participants. You can sponsor candidate(s) to attend. Each participant receives a kit made up of 6 knitting wool, 1 pair o scissors, one crochet, some needles, a measuring tape, a pattern booklet, a notebook with pencil, eraser and sharpener and a bag to carry everything in it. You can sponsor one candidate for N10,000 (approximately $25) which covers the kit, her tuition and registration fees. The training is for a period of six months. You can sponsor a class of ten participants for N100,000 ($250) or a community Centre of four classes for N 500,000 ($1,250).  You can provide your support here. 

programs for empowerment of rural women in Nigeria

Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Vocational Studies 

The participants that excel at the crocheting class can receive 50% sponsorship to take a Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Vocational Studies at our subsidiary Haske Business School We also offer programs for empowerment of rural women in Nigeria. The full cost of the diploma is N69,000 and that of the advanced diploma N89,000. Please provide your support here. 


Cooperative Development 

You can support the development of cooperatives here or contribute the loan funds for cooperatives here.

In-kind donations

You can also volunteer your time here or provide materials for any of the programs here.

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